Norman O. Rothermich, M.D.

Inducted: 2016

As a young rheumatologist, Dr. Rothermich had big dreams of helping people suffering from the debilitating pain of arthritis, but he knew that they needed more than just medical attention. They needed support, education, and research. A man with great purpose and compassion, Dr. Rothermich answered those needs by founding the Division of Rheumatology at OSU-1947, the Ohio Rheumatism Society-1950s, the Arthritis Foundation of Central Ohio-1953, the Columbus Arthritis Center-1955, and the Columbus Medical Research Foundation (CMRF)-1957.

The CMRF, under Dr. Rothermich’s leadership, provided a free clinic for indigent people suffering from arthritis, pioneered the use of gold treatments, and conducted clinical trials that led to the approval of Indocin, important because it was the first non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID). Authoring more than 50 publications, he lectured worldwide and was internationally known for his research in arthritis.

Norm served as a Major in the US Army Medical Corps in the Pacific theatre during WWII. In addition to private practice, he had a distinguished career as a full professor at OSU for over 40 years, receiving the honor of Professor Emeritus.