Claude S. Perry. M.D.

Inducted: 2016

Dr. Perry gave others the gift of sight through the many roles he held in addition to running his ophthalmology practice, where he often provided services free of charge.

Early in his career, Dr. Perry played a significant role in enactment of the 1934 Fireworks Law, which essentially eliminated instances of child blindness due to fireworks injuries. At the age of 41, he enlisted in the US Army to serve in WWII and achieved the rank of Colonel. He received a Purple Heart, Bronze Star and other recognitions after his hospital, the 76th General Hospital, was bombed in the Battle of the Bulge. The bombing destroyed all the glass spheres used to replace eyeballs, and Dr. Perry formulated the idea of using denture acrylic as a replacement, which was found to be a superior practice.

After WWII, he served as Professor of Ophthalmology at OSU, and as an Ophthalmologist for the Ohio State Welfare Department and Ohio School for the Blind. Claude and his wife Esther Jo Shipley went on multiple medical missionary trips to Africa later in his career.

Dr. Perry continued his private practice work until 1975 and was named professor emeritus at OSU and Honorary Doctor of Science at Ohio Wesleyan University.