James T. Miller

Inducted: 2013

James Turrell Miller was elected Upper Arlington's first mayor in 1918. Over his lifetime, he contributed significantly to the development of the city. In 1913, he sold 840 acres of his farm to King and Ben Thompson. This land was eventually turned into Upper Arlington.

    Mr. Miller lived in an Italianate home that eventually grew to 22 rooms. Over the years, the Miller family home served as a gathering place for family, friends, and famous people who visited Columbus, including President Warren G. Harding and Annie Oakley. When President Woodrow Wilson came to Columbus, he rode in the Millers' Pierce Arrow touring car, the first of these cars in Columbus. Miller Park and the Miller Park Branch Library are named for James T. Miller and his family.

    James Turrell (or Terrell) Miller married Esther Everitt (or Everett), whose father owned land near McCoy Road, in 1869. They had eight children. The first six were girls, later called collectively "The Aunties" by Upper Arlington residents: Jessie, Ella (Lollie), Nancy, Eliza, Almeda and Grace May. Two sons, Henry and Samuel Huston (Hugh), followed. Descendants of James and Esther still live in Upper Arlington.

    The original stone wall and the ice house (constructed 1860) from the Miller farm are still standing. The ice house was filled with ice cut from the Scioto River and packed in sawdust. The ice lasted all summer and "The Aunties" hosted memorable ice cream parties on the lawn. In the 1970s, First Community Village was built on the site of the original farm.